We're often asked why did you choose the name "What If..." for your business?

Here's Why...

What If...

What if everyone understood that life challenges
us to remember our source and oneness with all life?

What if everyone had
Clean air to breathe,
Safe water to drink,
Nutritious food to eat,
Adequate clothes to wear,
A clean comfortable home and
A loving family to share it,
A good education, and
A job doing what he loved to do?

What if everyone felt comfortable enough to honestly express
feelings and thoughts in all relationships and interactions?

What if everyone realized she was responsible for her thoughts, words
and actions and no longer blamed, manipulated or judged others?

What if everyone felt safe, nurtured and
appreciated and actualized his full potential?

What if everyone compassionately interacted with all individuals
knowing that he may have been or will be that person?

What if everyone knew everything about everyone
else and used that information with integrity?

What if everyone honored and unselfishly shared her innate talents, time
and money to meet the needs of the people, the planet, the universe?

What if everyone manifested the natural state – health and projected the natural expression – job while singing his heart song loud and clear?

Everyone is you and me – I’m willing to make these
commitments to bring peace on earth, are you?

~Helen Young King